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Table 5 Life history traits, climatic niche traits and conservation-related attributes used for analyses of butterfly assemblages inhabiting the former Milovice military range, refaunated by large ungulates

From: Restoring a butterfly hot spot by large ungulates refaunation: the case of the Milovice military training range, Czech Republic

  Description Character
Life history traits [5]   
Wing span   Numeric (mm)
Host plant form Ephemerals—1, larger forbs—2, grasses and sedges—3, trees and shrubs—4 Ranked
Voltinism Average number of generations, C. Europe Numeric
Fertility Average number of eggs per female at eclosion Categories 1–9
Mobility Ranked tendency to disperse Categories 1–9
Density Ranked average density per area of habitat Ranked 1–9
Diet breadth Number of plant families fed on by larvae in the Czech Republic Numeric
Flight period length Number of adult occurrence months (hibernation months excluded) Numeric
Overwintering stage Ranked, larva—1, adult—5  
Climatic niche traits [79]   
Annual temperature Mean annual temperature °C
Annual temperature niche breadth [= NB] SD of the above  
Continentality Annual range in monthly temperatures °C
Continentality NB SD of the above  
Precipitation Annual precipitation sum mm
Precipitation NB SD of the above  
Oceanity Annual range in monthly precipitation sum mm
Oceanity NB SD of the above  
Winter GDD Accumulated growing degree days [GDD] (> 5 °C), January–February °C
Winter GDD NB SD of the above  
Spring GDD Accumulated GDD, January–April °C
Spring GDD NB SD of the above  
Early summer GDD Accumulated GDD, January–June °C
Early summer GDD NB SD of the above  
Summer GDD Accumulated GDD, January–August °C
Summer GDD NB SD of the above  
Water availability Soil water content of the upper horizon (0.5 m) No unit (0–1)
Water availability NB SD of the above  
Conservation attributes   
Red list status [47] Czech Republic (1—no status, 2—near threatened, 3—vulnerable, 4—endangered, 5—critically endangered) ranked 1–5
Present CZ distribution [5] Occupied Czech Republic 10 × 10 km grid squares 2002–2014 Numeric
Past CZ distribution [5] Occupied Czech Republic grid squares 1951–2001 Numeric
CZ distribution trend [5] [1- (Present distribution/Past distribution)] Numeric
Global range size [5] Categorized, (1—smaller than Europe, 5—larger than the Palaearctic) Numeric
European range size [79] Number of occupied (ca 70 × 70 km) grid squares in Europe Numeric