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Table 2 Enrichments in genes from homogeneously expressed families for the tested and reference gene groups

From: Region-specific expression of young small-scale duplications in the human central nervous system

Reference group Tested group for homogeneous family expressiona Percentage of homogeneous family genes in the tested group (%) Chi-squared test P-valueb Odds ratioc
Paralogous genesd SSD genes 3.3 2.777E−04* 1.59
ySSD genes 5.2 5.758E−10* 2.49
Paralogous genesd Region-specific familiese 45 1.691E−69* 42.94
  1. aAbbreviations for gene duplication categories: WGD (Whole-Genome Duplication), SSD (Small-Scale Duplication) and ySSD (younger SSD occuring after WGD events)
  2. bApplication of Chi-squared tests (or of Fisher’s exact test when the Chi-squared test could not be applied) with a corrected p-value threshold = 1.67E-02 (Bonferroni correction for 3 statistical tests)
  3. cThe odds ratio (> 1 or < 1) indicates the group (tested or non-tested respectively) in which there is an enrichment
  4. dThe paralog reference group includes the genes belonging to WGD, SSD and WGD-SSD categories and the paralogs without annotation
  5. eGenes included into region-specific families. Only genes specific to the major region are considered