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Table 1 The economic significance and native distribution of plants known to host nitrogen-fixing root nodule bacteria with verified avidin production

From: Bacterial avidins are a widely distributed protein family in Actinobacteria, Proteobacteria and Bacteroidetes

Bacterial species Plant species Economic significance Native distribution
Bradyrhizobium arachidis Peanut Crop plant Southern America
B. diazoefficiens Soybean Crop plant East Asia
B. elkanii Green bean, soybean Crop plant South America, East Asia
B. japonicum Soybean Crop plant East Asia
B. pachyrhizi Mexican yam bean Crop plant Central America
B. sp. WSM2793 Rhynchosia totta Native vine Southern Africa
B. sp. WSM3983 Coral vine Native vine West and South-West Australia
B. sp. WSM4349 California broom Native bush California
Burkholderia cepacia Yellow lupine Crop plant Eastern Mediterranean area