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Table 1 Detailed information of PEBP genes from A. thaliana and nine Rosaceae species

From: Genome-wide characterization of PEBP family genes in nine Rosaceae tree species and their expression analysis in P. mume

Gene lineage Species Gene accession number NCBI accession Notation
FT Arabidopsis thaliana AT1G65480.1; AT4G20370.1   AtFT; AtTSF
Malus domestica MD12G1262000 NM_001293862.1 MdFT
Pyrus communis PCP004421.1; PCP023373.1   PcFT1; PcFT2
Rubus occidentalis Ro04_G00016; Ro06_G09261   RoFT1; RoFT2
Prunus persica Prupe.6G364900.1 XM_007205940.2 PpFT
Prunus mume Pm003733 NM_001293253.1 PmFT
Prunus armeniaca PARG03266m01   PaFT
Prunus yedoensis PQQ05805.1; PQQ09349.1   PyFT1; PyFT2
Prunus avium CpS0077204G3m0 XM_021948448.1 PvFT
Prunus dulcis Prudul26A015211P1 XM_034364192.1 PdFT
TFL1 Arabidopsis thaliana AT5G03840.1   AtTFL1
Malus domestica MD14G1021100; MD12G1023900 NM_001293865.1; NM_001293958.1 MdTFL1; MdTFL2
Pyrus communis PCP003730.1; PCP025869.1   PcTFL1; PcTFL2
Rubus occidentalis Ro06_G14897   RoTFL
Prunus persica Prupe.7G112600.1 XM_007202602.2 PpTFL
Prunus mume Pm026188 XM_008243028.1 PmTFL
Prunus armeniaca PARG26714m01   PaTFL
Prunus yedoensis PQP96161.1   PyTFL
Prunus avium CpS0034G256m0 XM_021954469.1 PvTFL
Prunus dulcis Prudul26A021958P1 XM_034369048.1 PdTFL
CEN Arabidopsis thaliana AT2G27550.1   AtCEN
Malus domestica MD11G1163500; MD03G1143000 NM_001294011.1; NM_001293884.1 MdCEN1; MdCEN2
Pyrus communis PCP019918.1; PCP022206.1   PcCEN1; PcCEN2
Rubus occidentalis Ro03_G20412   RoCEN
Prunus persica Prupe.6G128400.1 XM_007205944.2 PpCEN
Prunus mume Pm001309 XM_008230265.2 PmCEN
Prunus armeniaca PARG01261m01   PaCEN
Prunus yedoensis PQQ12971.1   PyCEN
Prunus avium CpS00116G158m0 XM_021966077.1 PvCEN
Prunus dulcis Prudul26A027558P1 XM_034364411.1 PdCEN
MFT Arabidopsis thaliana AT1G18100.1   AtMFT
Malus domestica MD06G1229900 XM_008376608.2 MdMFT
Pyrus communis PCP033759.1   PcMFT
Rubus occidentalis Ro05_G03590   RoMFT
Prunus persica Prupe.5G230900.1 XM_007209625.2 PpMFT
Prunus mume Pm025099 XM_008241952.1 PmMFT
Prunus armeniaca PARG25179m01   PaMFT
Prunus yedoensis PQQ05244.1; PQQ15508.1   PyMFT1; PyMFT2
Prunus avium CpS0021G127m0 XM_021947485.1 PvMFT
Prunus dulcis Prudul26A015523P1 XM_034360958.1 PdMFT
BFT Arabidopsis thaliana AT5G62040.1   AtBFT
Malus domestica MD01G1198400; MD07G1265900 NM_001293841.1; XM_008378317.3 MdBFT1; MdBFT2
Pyrus communis PCP030682.1; PCP007692.1   PcBFT1; PcBFT2
Rubus occidentalis Ro07_G09463   RoBFT
Prunus persica Prupe.2G291900.1 XM_007221111.2 PpBFT
Prunus mume Pm019359 XM_008236052.2 PmBFT
Prunus armeniaca PARG19444m01   PaBFT
Prunus yedoensis PQQ01551.1; PQM34355.1   PyBFT1; PyBFT2
Prunus avium CpS0033G388m0 XM_021971342.1 PvBFT
Prunus dulcis Prudul26A027512P1 XM_034348832.1 PdBFT
  1. Rosaceae species include M. domestica, Pyrus communis, R. occidentalis, P. persica, P. mume, P. armeniaca, P. yedoensis, P. avium and P. dulcis. Gene notations were assigned to Rosaceae PEBPs based on their Arabidopsis ortholog