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Table 1 Bradley–Terry (BT) model examining the effects of left lobe length, sum licking duration and failed mounting attempts on copulation success, in 92 trials with unmodified males

From: Male genital lobe morphology affects the chance to copulate in Drosophila pachea

Variable Estimate Std. error z value P ( >|z|)
Sum licking duration 0.714251 0.206293 3.462 0.000536
Left lobe 0.007511 0.003254 2.308 0.020981
  1. Model: copulation success ~ sum licking duration + left lobe length, null deviance: 127.539 on 92 degrees of freedom, residual deviance: 98.416 on 90 degrees of freedom. Influential trials 87 and 98 were detected to have only marginal effects on model estimates