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Table 1 Identity of mtDNA and nuDNA gene regions that were included in the 3692 NCBI PopSets

From: Patterns of variation of mutation rates of mitochondrial and nuclear genes of gastropods

Gene Number
Mitochondrial genes 2593
 12S 120
 16S 784
 cytb 79
 COI 1551
 COII 13
 NADH 30
 Other genes 124
Nuclear genes 1099
 rRNA (5.8S, 18S, 28S, ITS1, ITS2) 639
 Actin 19
 Conotoxins 28
 EF1\(\alpha\) 12
 Histone (H3, H4) 215
 Other genes 186
  1. Only gene regions included in 10 or more PopSets are listed
  2. Cytb: cytochrome b; COI: cytochrome oxidase subunit I; COII: cytochrome oxidase subunit II; NADH: nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide; ITS1: internal transcribed space I; ITS2: internal transcribed space 2; EF1\(\alpha\): elongation factor 1-alpha