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Table 3 Variable positions in control region sequences of archaeological Mus musculus domesticus samples from the British Isles between positions 15,508 and 16,279, compared with the reference house mouse mitogenome (NC_006914; haplogroup E), and with reference sequences from haplogroups D, D1 and F

From: Ancient mitochondrial DNA connects house mice in the British Isles to trade across Europe over three millennia

  1. Differences in bases are indicated in the table for each sample, a full stop denotes identical bases and an asterisk denotes a deletion. Missing sequence data from the ancient samples are denoted by question marks. Haplotype within clade D1 have an 11 bp insertion at position 16089i, which is a repeat of the sequence seen between 16,079 and 16,089 (TTTTAACTCTC). Sequence codes are given in the first column. In the final column, each sample has been assigned to a mitochondrial clade by means of its relative position in the larger network, and the variant sites compared with modern samples