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Table 1 Results of a mixed-effects Cox regression model of female survival probability as a function of mating frequency, with experimental treatment, male morph, number of mated males and interaction between treatment and male morph as fixed effects and male ID as a random effect

From: Juvenile diet quality and intensity of sexual conflict in the mite Sancassania berlesei

Fixed effect:coef.s.e.zp
 Treatment−1.260.33−3.78< 0.001
 Male morph−0.650.35−1.860.064
 Mating with more than one male−0.290.32−0.900.370
 Treatment*Male morph0.950.462.070.039
Random effect:variancestd. dev.  
 Male ID0.4320.658  
  1. Abbreviations: coef. Coefficient, s.e. Standard error, std. dev. Standard deviation; p < 0.05 highlighted in bold