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Table 1 Major classification systems of the genus Crocidura in China

From: Multilocus phylogeny and cryptic diversity of white-toothed shrews (Mammalia, Eulipotyphla, Crocidura) in China

Allen (1938) [4]Honacki et al. (1982) [5]Hutterer (1993) [6]Jiang and Hoffmann (2001) [2]Hutterer (2005) [1]Hoffmann and Lunde (2008) [7]Burgin and He (2018) [8]
C. attenuataC. attenuataC. attenuataC. attenuataC. attenuataC. attenuataC. attenuata
C. tanakaeC. tanakaeC. tanakae
C. draculaC. draculaC. dracula
C. fuliginosaC. fuliginosaC. fuliginosaC. fuliginosaC. fuliginosa
C. horsfieldiC. horsfieldiiC. horsfieldii wuchihensisC. wuchihensisC. wuchihensisC. wuchihensis
C. horsfieldii indochinensisC. indochinensisC. indochinensisC. indochinensis
C. lasiuraC. lasiuraC. lasiuraC. lasiuraC. lasiuraC. lasiura
C. rapaxC. russulaC. rapaxC. rapaxC. rapaxC. rapax
C. voraxC. voraxC. voraxC. voraxC. vorax
C. sibiricaC. sibiricaC. sibiricaC. sibiricaC. sibirica
C. suaveolensC. suaveolensC. suaveolens
C. ilensisC. dsinezumiC. gmeliniC. gmeliniC. gmelini
  C. shantungensisC. shantungensisC. shantungensisC. shantungensis