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Table 2 Approximately unbiased (AU) test results

From: Cell-division pattern and phylogenetic analyses of a new ciliate genus Parasincirra n. g. (Protista, Ciliophora, Hypotrichia), with a report of a new soil species, P. sinica n. sp. from northwest China

Datasets Topology constraints −lnL (likelihood) AU (P) Conclusion
SSU-rDNA Unconstrained 8986.1376 1.000
  Amphisiellidaea 9053.5857 5e−005 Rejected
  1. Significant differences (P value < 0.05) between the best maximum likelihood trees and the best constrained topologies are shown in bold
  2. aAmphisiellidae: includes Uroleptoides, Parasincirra, Lamtostyla and Amphisiella