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Table 1 Mitochondrial genomes sequenced in the present study and associated sources of samples

From: Assessment of mitochondrial genomes for heterobranch gastropod phylogenetics

Taxon mt contig length (bp) Protein coding genes (13) tRNAs (22) rRNAs (2) Complete Missing genes Sample accession Provenance
Acochlidium fijiense 14,098 13 20 2 Nearly trnS2, trnK ZSM Mol-20130988 Fiji, Viti Levu, Lami River, collected by M Schrödl & E Schwabe, August 2006
Clione limacina 14,599 12 17 1 Nearly trnl, atp8, trnS1, trnD, rrnL, trnY, trnR ZSM Mol-20081086 Antarctica, ANDEEP SYSTCO Expedition on R/V Polarstern, ANTXXIV/2 cruise station PS 71/038-04, collected by E Schwabe & H Flores, January 2008
Ilbia ilbi 13,944 12 21 2 Nearly atp8 MRG10019-03 Shoreham Beach 18 March 2017, collected by A Falconer
Microdiscula charopa 12,965 13 21 2 Yes   MRG828-06 Dutton Way, Portland 2 March 2017, approx 2 m deep, collected by A Falconer
Omalogyra atomus 12,413 10 20 1 No atp8, rrnS, trnY, nad4l, trnV ZSM Mol-20142011 France, Pyrénées-Orientales, Banyuls-sur-Mer, from red algae in upper intertidal, collected by B Brenzinger & TP Neusser, July 2014
Psilaxis radiatus 12,154 12 15 1 No atp8, trnN, trnS1, tncC, trnF, trnY, rrnL, trnQ, trnV ZMBN 94175 Museum of Zoology at the University of Bergen
Ringicula conformis 14,017 12 22 2 Nearly nad4l None Malta, off Ġnejna Bay, 31 May 2017
Rissoella morrocayensis 11,085 12 5 1 No trnS1, rrnL, trnI, trnN, trnC, trnF, trnY, trnQ, ZMBN 99933 Museum of Zoology at the University of Bergen
Runcina ornata 13,862 13 22 2 Yes   ZMBN 87949 Museum of Zoology at the University of Bergen
Tylodina cf. corticalis 14,614 13 21 1 Yes trnK, rrnL USNM 1442311 French Polynesia, Moorea, NW side Cook’s Bay, collected by C McKeon, G Paulay, J O’Donnell and C Meyer, 12 June 2006
Valvata cf. cristata 14,495 13 21 1 Nearly trnR, rrnL ZSM Mol-20170210 Germany, Munich, pond on ZSM grounds, collected by B Brenzinger, March 2017
  1. Yes: genome circularizes via overlapping ends, missing genes likely missed by annotator
  2. Nearly: all genes listed on a single scaffold, but scaffold does not contain a full mitochondrion
  3. No: mitochondrion either exists on two discontinuous scaffolds or is missing multiple protein coding genes