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Table 1 Comparisons of the three G-matrices using random skewers and hierarchical analyses (see also Table S3, S4). The random skewers section reports the mean correlation among response vectors of two G-matrices subject to the same set of 10,000 random selection vectors. The hierarchical analysis reports the P-values to reject the hypotheses of equality, proportionality, or common principal components (CPC) in favor of unrelated matrices. The P-values are obtained by randomization (see Methods)

From: Floral signals evolve in a predictable way under artificial and pollinator selection in Brassica rapa

  Random Skewers Hierarchical
Paired G Mean correlation P-value Equal Prop. CPC
Gcontrol - Gtall 0.734 <  0.01a <  0.005 <  0.005 0.002
Gcontrol - Gshort 0. 987 <  0.002b 0.23 0.23 0.32
Gtall - Gshort 0.722 <  0.21a 0.19 0.19 <  0.05
  1. a: left tail; b: right tail