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Table 4 Ordering of the MHC loci based on decreasing values of three genetic diversity indexes in chimpanzees (pooled cohort) and humans (average on multiple populations)

From: Similar patterns of genetic diversity and linkage disequilibrium in Western chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus) and humans indicate highly conserved mechanisms of MHC molecular evolution

Genetic diversity Species Ordering of values
Allelic richness Chimpanzees (pooled cohort&) B > A > C > DRB1 > DPB1 > DQB1 > DQA1
Humans (average#) B > DRB1 > C > A > DPB1 > DQB1 > DQA1
Heterozygosity Chimpanzees (pooled cohort&) A > B > DRB1 > C > DPB1 > DQA1 > DQB1
Humans (average#) B > DRB1 > C > A > DQB1 > DQA1 > DPB1
Nucleotide diversity Chimpanzees (pooled cohort&) DQA1 > DRB1 > B > DQB1 > A > C > DPB1
Humans (average#) DRB1 > DQA1 > DQB1 > B > A > C > DPB1
  1. Perfect matches in locus ordering between chimpanzees and humans are highlighted in bold; # estimated on multiple human populations; &: for chimpanzees, the pooled cohort has an average sample size of 45.57 on the different loci; #: for humans, the averages were calculated on an average number of 70.14 populations with an average sample size of 109.46. The pooled cohort does not include Texascb (see Text)