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Table 2 Summary of model selection analysis to reveal influential effects on mating tactics (mono- versus bigyny) of males that survived the first copulation

From: Males of a sexually cannibalistic spider chemically assess relative female quality

Model variables K AICc ΔAICc weight
♀ size class 3 25.8 0.00 0.801
♀origin + ♀ size class 4 28.9 3.06 0.173
Null model 1 33.7 7.86 0.016
♀ origin 2 35.9 10.06 0.005
♀ origin + ♀ size class + ♀ origin:♀ size class 7 35.9 10.19 0.005
  1. We used a Firth-corrected binary logistic regression (N = 23) for each model and listed them in descending order of their Akaike information criterion corrected for small samples (AICc). The model with the lowest AICc value was generally the most plausible model. We suggested other models as equally plausible if their AICc value differentiated less than 2 units from the most plausible model (grey background). From these models, we selected the model with the fewest parameters (K) (bold letters).ΔAICc = AICc difference to the most plausible model; weights = AICc weights