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Table 2 Summary statistics for the top-ranked NMLPE models evaluating the effect of isolation-by-distance (IBD), isolation-by-environment (IBE) and isolation-by-resistance (IBR) on the genetic differentiation among Iberian Arabidopsis thaliana populations

From: Ecological, genetic and evolutionary drivers of regional genetic differentiation in Arabidopsis thaliana

A – Model: IBD + IBE + IBR
 IPIBD + IBE−128,716.60.001.00
 NW-C1IBD + IBE−42,836.00.001.00
 NE-C2IBD + IBE−10,406.30.001.00
 Relict-C3IBD + IBE− 2938.50.001.00
 SW-C4IBR− 3753.40.000.79
B – Model: IBD + PC1 + PC2 + PC3 + IBR
 IPIBD + PC1 + PC2 + PC3−128,694.00.001.00
 NW-C1IBD + PC1 + PC2 + PC3−42,856.20.001.00
 NE-C2IBD + PC1 + PC2 + PC3−10,380.30.000.83
 Relict-C3IBD + PC1 + PC2 + PC3− 2936.60.000.89
 IBR + PC2− 3751.61.840.17
  1. Entries are given for the entire Iberian Peninsula (IP) and the four genetic clusters detected using all populations available (N = 278). The two models include IBD, IBE and IBR, and IBE given the principal analysis components (PCs). Akaike information criterion (AIC), ∆AIC and model weight are reported