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Table 1 Coefficients of the best spatial hierarchical Bayesian model for the geographic distribution of genetic diversity of Iberian Arabidopsis thaliana

From: Ecological, genetic and evolutionary drivers of regional genetic differentiation in Arabidopsis thaliana

 HS ≈ 0 HS > 0 
Topsoil pH0.1760.200−0.1870.067
  1. Entries (β ± SD) are given for the degenerate distribution with point mass and zero (binary data including populations with HS values ≈ 0) and a conditional-to-presence continuous process (continuous data including populations with non-zero HS values). The best model had a WAIC value of − 365.43 and a LCPO value of − 0.31. BIO15 is the precipitation seasonality and BIO18 is the precipitation of the warmest quarter