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Table 3 The correlations between mtOrt, mtOrt_O, mtOrt_C and mtOrt_E. MtOrt_O models

From: MtOrt: an empirical mitochondrial amino acid substitution model for evolutionary studies of Orthoptera insects

  mtOrt mtOrt_O mtOrt_C mtOrt_E
mtOrt   1.000** 0.998** 0.998**
mtOrt_O 0.999**   0.998** 0.998**
mtOrt_C 0.990** 0.990**   0.992**
mtOrt_E 0.986** 0.985** 0.954**  
  1. Note: The values in the top triangle represent the correlations between frequency vectors, while values in the low triangle are the correlations between exchangeability matrices. The greater the absolute value of the Pearson correlation coefficient, the higher the correlation. **: p < 0.01, extremely significant correlation