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Table 3 The results of a general and genaralized linear model predicting the influence of different factors on the prevalence or infection intensity of Digenea and Cestoda parasites in raccoons

From: Host-parasite interactions in non-native invasive species are dependent on the levels of standing genetic variation at the immune locus

VariablesDFPrevalenceInfection intensity
 N alleles10.6460.422134.0000.104
 Region 49.2620.000***131.5300.682
 N alleles10.1630.68655.9530.375
 Region 5.2260.022*55.2310.796
  1. * - p<0.05, ** - p<0.01, *** - p<0.001
  2. DF degrees of freedom, LRT Likelihood Ratio Test. AAdist_sel - the mean individual amino acid divergence for sites found to be under positive selection between alleles born by an individual