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Table 2 Posterior probability of each scenario and 95% confidence intervals (CI) based on the logistic regression approach for approximate Bayesian computation (ABC). Type I and type II errors were estimated for the scenario with the highest posterior probability (Scenario 1)

From: Nuclear phylogeography of the temperate tree species Chiranthodendron pentadactylon (Malvaceae): Quaternary relicts in Mesoamerican cloud forests

Scenario Posterior probability 95% CI Type I error Type II error
1. Simultaneous split from an ancestral population. 0.8400 0.7906–0.8895 0.0260 0.2565
2. Eastern population diverged from western population. 0.0011 0.0000–0.2607   
3. Western population diverged from eastern population. 0.0039 0.0000–0.2632   
4. Eastern population derived from few western immigrants. 0.0035 0.0000–0.2629   
5. Western population derived from few eastern immigrants. 0.1515 0.1046–0.1984