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Table 1 Variation in the size of nrDNA operon

From: Characterizing the ribosomal tandem repeat and its utility as a DNA barcode in lichen-forming fungi

TaxonOperon lengthaEstimated copy #
R. arbuscula (2)12.4 kb14–21
R. melanophthalma (6)11.1–11.2 kb12–24
R. novomexicana (1)12.4 kb16
R. occulta (2)12.6–12.7 kb27–28
R. parilis (4)12.6 kb14–36
R. polymorpha (6)12.9 kb16–28
R. porteri (5)11.7–11.8 kb19–43
R. shushanii (5)14.0–15.9 kb9–22
P. peltata (1)8.5 kb13
R. subdiscrepans (1)8.9 kb11
  1. aIn all specimens, a short region near the 5′ end of the intergenic spacer region (IGS) remained ambiguous due to a region of repeats expanding beyond the libraries’ insert size and is not included in the total operon length