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Table 1 List of study traits measured in 403 Populus trichocarpa individuals from 139 provenances classified into 29 populations of three demes in a common environment over two years

From: Phenotypic plasticity of natural Populus trichocarpa populations in response to temporally environmental change in a common garden

Category/ Trait Unit
Phenology trait
 Bud set d (Julian date)
 Canopy duration (bud break to 100% leaf drop) d (Julian date)
 Growth period (bud break to final bud set) d (Julian date)
 Leaf drop d (Julian date)
 Post-bud set period (bud set to 100% leaf drop) d (Julian date)
Biomass trait
 Active growth rate cm d−1
 Height: diameter (ratio) cm: cm
 Height cm
 Volume cm3
Ecophysiology trait
 Amax (maximum photosynthetic rate) μmol CO2 m−2 s−1
 Amax/mass (photosynthetic rate per unit dry mass) μmol CO2 g−1 s− 1
 C: N (carbon to nitrogen ratio) mg mg− 1
 ∆leaf (leaf carbon isotope discrimination)
 δ15N (stable nitrogen isotope ratio)
gs (stomatal conductance) mol H2O m−2 s− 1
 LMAsummer (leaf mass per unit area in summer) mg cm− 2
 Narea (leaf nitrogen content per unit area) mg mm− 2
 Nmass (leaf nitrogen content per unit dry mass) mg mg− 1
 NUE (photosynthetic nitrogen-use efficiency) μmol CO2 g−1 N s− 1
 WUE (instantaneous water-use efficiency) μmol CO2 mmol− 1 H2O