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Table 5 Different tested branch models

From: Analysis of substitution rates showed that TLR5 is evolving at different rates among mammalian groups

Model ω ratios
M0 one ratio: ω0 = ωL = ωR = ωCH = ωCA = ωP = ωE
M2 two ratio: ω0 = ωP = ωE, ωL = ωR = ωCH = ωCA
M5 five ratio: ω0 = ωP = ωE, ωL, ωR, ωCH, ωCA
M7 seven ratio: ω0, ωP, ωE, ωL, ωR, ωCH, ωCA
  1. ω0, background ω ratio; ωP, Primata ω ratio; ωE, Euungulata ω ratio; ωL, Lagomorpha ω ratio; ωR, Rodentia ω ratio; ωCH, Chiroptera ω ratio; ωCA, Carnivora ω ratio