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Table 3 Results from PGLS regressions of the P1phy and P7phy datasets

From: Hooked on you: shape of attachment structures in cymothoid isopods reflects parasitic strategy

Model termsdfz-scorep-valuedfz-scorep-value
Shape Size11.960.01*10.420.36
Shape Mode22.020.01*21.700.04*
Shape Size * Mode21.660.9621.250.10
 Pairwise (Group slopes)  
 z-score = 1.71, res.df = 9z-score = 1.22, res.df = 9
 p = 0.96p = 0.11
 Pairwise (Group means)  
 z-score = 2.31, res.df = 11z-score = 1.61, res.df = 15
 p = 0.01*p = 0.04*
  1. Group Slopes tables are pairwise comparisons between the allometric vectors of parasitic mode and Group Means tables are pairwise comparisons of Procrustes distance between modes after accounting for variation in size. For pairwise comparisons, above the diagonal are p-values, and below the diagonal are z-scores. Below each pairwise comparison table are the values for the model (Type I Sum of Squares). E = External, G = Gill, M = Mouth