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Table 1 Parasite specimens landmarked for this study

From: Hooked on you: shape of attachment structures in cymothoid isopods reflects parasitic strategy

Parasitic modeNo. of individualsNo. of species
SpeciesP1P7ModeGB Acc.
Anilocra capensis1111EMK652475
Anilocra chromis34EKY562736
Anilocra physodes33EMK652476
Ceratothoa africanae109MMK652477
Ceratothoa carinata66MMK652479
Ceratothoa famosa109MNot Available
Ceratothoa retusa710MMK652478
Cinusa tetrodontis1010MMK652480
Cymothoa eremita88MMK652481
Cymothoa sodwana109MMK652482
Elthusa raynaudii97GMK652487
Elthusa sp.34GNot Available
Mothocya affinis98GMK652484
Mothocya plagulophora33GMK652483
Mothocya renardi77GMK652485
Nerocila depressa45EMH425627
Nerocila sigani010ENot Available
Gen. nov. et sp. nov.55ENot Available
Norileca indica67GMF628259
  1. E = External, G = Gill, M = Mouth. GB Acc. a re Genbank accession numbers for molecular sequences. Newly generated sequences are in bold typeface