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Table 1 A summary of the modeled life history related parameters

From: Somatic maintenance impacts the evolution of mutation rate

Modeled parameter Explanation
Adult body mass Inherited value of adult body mass. For simplicity we did not model environmental factors affecting growth and adult body mass
Bodymass at birth Inherited body mass at birth
Reproductive rate The frequency of reproduction (time between successive reproductions)
Litter size Inherited litter size (number of progeny per single reproduction)
Growth rate Fixed parameter that was identical for all individuals and invariable
SMP Somatic maintenance program, or an individual’s inherited aging profile. Determines the probability of dying of physiological cause as a function of chronological age
Age of first reproduction All individuals started reproducing when their body mass reached 96.93% of their adult inherited body mass. The value was chosen based on initial parameter values so that reproduction started at age 1000 time units. Subsequently the age depended on the evolution of body size and body mass at birth