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Table 2 The speed of Muller’s ratchet under obligate asexuality, assuming fixed population size N = 103 individuals and deleterious mutation rate U = 1.116. n0 = Number of individuals within the least-loaded class, s = selection coefficient, t(J) = interclick time estimate based on Eq. 34 in [28], t(NS) = interclick time estimate based on Eq. 33 in [29] and t(ME) = interclick time estimate based on Eq. 24 [30]; all time estimates are given as numbers of generations per “click”. Bold text = estimates of the selection coefficients of the fastest ratchets; the (J)-value was computed according to Eq. 34 in [28], corresponding to a U-shaped function with a local minimum at s = 0.212, which we considered as a critical value of the fastest ratchet acting on sporophytes

From: A little bit of sex prevents mutation accumulation even in apomictic polyploid plants

s n 0 t (J) t (NS) t (ME)
0.340(ME) 38 6649 3008 3570
0.218(NS) 6 33 32 14,006
0.212(J) 5 33 32 16,146