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Table 7 PERMANOVA analysis testing morphological differences between the three detected groups of Excirolana hirsuticauda in the PCA analysis (see Additional file 13)

From: Genetic and morphological divergence at a biogeographic break in the beach-dwelling brooder Excirolana hirsuticauda Menzies (Crustacea, Peracarida)

Model Source DF SS MS Pseudo-F P-value
Total Model Groups 2 35.696 17.848 39.872 0.0001*
Residual 87 38.943 0.045   
Total 89 74.639    
Pairwise Comparisons Groups     t P-value
N, C     68.829 0.0001*
N, S     7.373 0.0001*
C, S     22.552 0.0023*
  1. Total PERMANOVA model including the three groups (North, Center, and South groups) and pairwise comparisons between groups. Table include degrees of freedom (DF), sum of squares (SS), mean of squares (MS), Pseudo-F ratio and p-values. P-values were calculated with 9999 permutations of the residual model [48]. * significant values