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Table 4 Demographic inference analyses for COI sequences of 14 local populations of Excirolana hirsuticauda

From: Genetic and morphological divergence at a biogeographic break in the beach-dwelling brooder Excirolana hirsuticauda Menzies (Crustacea, Peracarida)

  Neutrality Tests Demographic Expansion
  D F P (SSD) P (Hr) τ
North −1.403 −12.913 0.120 0.099 4.316
Center −1.148 − 17.989 0.180 0.217 7.961
South −2.243 −26.169 0.625 0.848 6.711
  1. Neutrality tests [Tajima’s D (D), Fu & Li’s F (F)] (significant values are in bold), probability values associated with Sum of Squares Deviation of the mismatch frequency distribution of the number of pairwise nucleotide differences [P (SSD)] and probabilities of Harpending’s Raggedness index [P (Hr)], and Tau (τ) statistic, under the demographic expansion model