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Table 3 Estimates of onset of splitting time (t) across the two detected genetic discontinuities (30° and 35°S) and migration rates (m) from North to South (N > S) and S to N (S > N) for COI sequences of Excirolana hirsuticauda based on the isolation-with-migration model implemented in IMa2

From: Genetic and morphological divergence at a biogeographic break in the beach-dwelling brooder Excirolana hirsuticauda Menzies (Crustacea, Peracarida)

Model Value mN > S mS > N t (years)
North-Center HiPt 0.0005 0.0005 1,365,000
Mean 0.0428 0.01815 1,338,333
95%HPD 0.1205 0.0515 4,165,000
LRT 0.000a 0.000a  
Center-South HiPt 0.205 0.005 72,083
Mean 0.299 0.0532 73,925
95%HPD 0.675 0.175 98,750
LRT 2.178a 0.000a  
  1. For each model and parameter, the high point (HP), mean, 95% highest posterior density (95% HPD) of the marginal posterior probabilities are shown, as well as the Likelihood Ratio Test (LRT) performed on migration rates. anon-significant values