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Table 3 Results of Tajima’s relative rate test

From: The evolution of S100A7: an unusual gene expansion in Myotis bats

Sequence A Sequence B Outgroup Identical sites Divergent sites Sequence A Specific Sequence B Specific Outgroup Specific X2 test p-value1
M. lucifugus_A7(8) M. lucifugus_A7(13) E. caballus_A7(1) 196 6 49 24 28 8.56 0.003
M. brandtii_A7(4) M. brandtii_A7(5) E. asinus_A7(1) 196 6 47 27 27 5.41 0.020
  1. 1P-value <0.05 was used to reject the hypothesis of equal rates between the three lineages