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Table 3 Positively selected genes associated with mitochondrial biogenesis identified in a meta-analysis across three evolutionary clades with exceptional short or long lifespans

From: Analysis of the coding sequences of clownfish reveals molecular convergence in the evolution of lifespan

Gene symbol p-value FDRd
Clownfish LCAa Nothobranchius b Mole-ratb Combinedc
MTERF1 7.34E-03 1.25E-03 2.57E-02 3.12E-05 4.01E-04
RARS2 1.82E-03 1.18E-02 NAe 2.52E-04 2.43E-03
MRPL30 2.55E-02 1.00E+ 00 9.59E-03 2.28E-03 7.98E-03
FASTKD2 1.77E-04 1.56E-01 1.00E+ 00 3.16E-04 2.43E-03
FASTKD5 NAe 1.39E-03 8.25E-01 8.89E-03 2.44E-02
TFB2M NAe 4.34E-04 6.91E-01 2.73E-03 9.15E-03
NDUFA9 NAe 8.31E-02 6.90E-03 4.85E-03 1.56E-02
  1. a LCA – last common ancestors
  2. b These p-values resulted from meta-analysis using Fisher’s method of 3 ancestral Nothobranchius and 11 examined mole-rat branches on which lifespan changed considerably
  3. c This p-value results from a meta-analysis of the three p-values in the left columns using Fisher’s method
  4. d FDR – false discovery rate (adjusted p-value for multiple testing)
  5. e NA – no p-value calculated since the gene could not be tested in the respective context