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Table 3 List of fossils associated with the genus Acomys used in the divergence dating. The offset and mean represent the specification of lognormal priors used for the calibration of molecular clock. All fossil constrains were used as a crown

From: Multiple radiations of spiny mice (Rodentia: Acomys) in dry open habitats of Afro-Arabia: evidence from a multi-locus phylogeny

Fossil MRCA Locality Author Age (Ma) Offset Mean
Preacomys kikiae Acomys Chorora, Ethiopia Geraads (2001, 2002); Suwa et al., (2015) 8.5 8.5 1.0
Acomys I. Geoffroy cahirinus + wilsoni + russatus Lemudong’o, Kenya Manthi (2007); Manthi and Ambrose (2007) 6.08–6.12 6.08 1.0
Acomys spinosissimus Peters spinosissimus Transvaal, South Africa Denys (1999) 3 3 1.0