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Table 9 Functional enrichment summary of protein-protein interaction network of proteins evolved with decelerated RSA change rate in Rodentia clade (based on STRING [54] data)

From: mtProtEvol: the resource presenting molecular evolution analysis of proteins involved in the function of Vertebrate mitochondria

Function Heterotachy model
All data Protein structure-aware data
FDR Colora FDR Colora
mitochondrial transport 0.000898 green 0.000486 red
oxidation-reduction process 4.89E-05 red 0.000905 blue
carboxylic acid metabolism 0.00953 0.00116 green
small molecule catabolism 0.00953 0.00203 yellow
small molecule metabolism 0.0147 0.00471 violet
ketone body catabolism 0.0147 0.0139
negative regulation of mitochondrion organization 0.0276 0.021
mitochondrion organization 0.000142 blue
single-organism metabolism 0.000898 yellow
cellular respiration 0.00151 violet
organonitrogen compound metabolism 0.0103
mitochondrial translation 0.0147
  1. aprotein colors on the Fig. 9