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Table 1 Cytochrome P450 families with the number of genes and their main function

From: Is there adaptation in the human genome for taste perception and phase I biotransformation?

Gene family Number of genes Main function
CYP1 3 Biotransformation
CYP2 16 Biotransformation
CYP3 4 Biotransformation
CYP4 12 Fatty acids metabolism
CYP5 1 Thromboxane A2 synthesis
CYP7 2 Bile acid biosynthesis
CYP8 2 Bile acid and prostacyclin biosynthesis
CYP11 3 Steroid biosynthesis
CYP17 1 Steroid biosynthesis
CYP19 1 Steroid biosynthesis
CYP20 1 Unknown
CYP21 1 Steroid biosynthesis
CYP24 1 Vitamin D degradation
CYP26 3 Retinoic acid hydroxylation
CYP27 3 Vitamin D3 and bile acid synthesis
CYP39 1 Cholesterol synthesis
CYP46 1 Cholesterol synthesis
CYP51 1 Cholesterol synthesis