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Table 1 History of the nomenclature of species within Erianthus sect Ripidium (Tripidium)

From: Whole chloroplast genome and gene locus phylogenies reveal the taxonomic placement and relationship of Tripidium (Panicoideae: Andropogoneae) to sugarcane

Basionym Commonly used name Grassl re-classification [9] Valdés et al. Re-classification [12] GrassBase definition [7] Tropicos definition [47] Notes
Saccharum arundinaceum Retz. E. arundinaceus (Retz) Jesw Ripidium arundinaceum   Saccharum arundinaceum Retz. Saccharum arundinaceum Retz.  
Erianthus kanashiroi Ohwi. E. kanashiroi Ohwi Ripidium kanashiroi   Saccharum kanashiroi Ohwi Saccharum kanashiroi Ohwi  
Saccharum procerum Roxb. E. procerus (Roxb.) Ripidium procerum   Saccharum procerum Roxb. Saccharum procerum Roxb.  
Andropogon ravennae L. E. ravennae (L.) P. Beauv. (syn R. ravennae (L.) Trin.) Tripidium ravennae (L.) Scholz Saccharum ravennae (L.) L. Tripidium ravennae (L.) H. Scholz  
E. elephantinus Hook. F. E. elephantinus Hook. F. Ripidium elephantinum     Synonymous with S.ravennae [85]
Saccharum bengalense Retz. E. bengalense (Retz.) Ripidium bengalense Tripidium bengalense (Retz) Scholz Saccharum bengalense Retz. Tripidium bengalense  
Andropogon strictus Host E. strictus (Host) Borbá (syn. R. strictum (Host) Trin.) Tripidium strictum (Host) Scholz Saccharum strictum (Host) Spreng. Saccharum strictum (Host) Spreng.  
E. hostii Griseb      Synonymous with S. strictum [86]
Erianthus rufipilus (Steud.) Griseb. Erianthus rufipilus (Steud.) Griseb. Miscanthus rufipilus   Saccharum rufipilum Steud. Saccharum rufipilum Steud.  
E. longesetosus Anderss Eccolipus longesetosus     Synonymous with Saccharum strictum [87]
E. hookeri Hack Eccolipus hookeri     Synonymous with Saccharum strictum [87]
Eulalia japonica Trin. Ripidium japonicum (Trin.) Trin.;      Synonymous with Miscanthus floridulus
(Labill.) Warb. ex K. Schum. & Lauterb. [85]
  1. The above table gives a history of the nomenclature of species within Erianthus sect Ripidium (Tripidium) starting with the Basionym (original name), followed by the treatment of Grassl [9], the re-classification of Valdés et al. [12], the current definition in Tropicos [47] and the current definition in GrassBase [7]. The notes column denotes species that have been re-classified as being synonymous with previously defined species. All species in the table are from the Old World