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Table 2 Comparison of pairwise FST between genomic and mitochondrial markers in pairs of closely related species

From: Phylogenomics of an extra-Antarctic notothenioid radiation reveals a previously unrecognized lineage and diffuse species boundaries

Pairwise FST
Species pair Nuclear markers (Loci) Mitochondrial marker
P. ramsayi / P. wiltoni 0.015 (8849) 0.63
P. guntheri / P. brevicauda 0.027 (8540) 0
P. cornucola / P. cf. cornucola 0.17 (7307) 0.78
L. squamifrons / L. kempi 0.037 (9270) 0.085
  1. The number of nuclear RAD loci used for the FST calculation is indicated in brackets