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Table 1 Species included in phylogenetic analyses, geographic origin of specimens, sample size and collecting depth for species of Patagonotothen

From: Phylogenomics of an extra-Antarctic notothenioid radiation reveals a previously unrecognized lineage and diffuse species boundaries

Species Origin (Sample size) COI GenBank Collecting depth (meters)
Eleginops maclovinus Beagle Channel (4) N/A*
Harpagifer bispinis Beagle Channel (3) N/A
Notothenia coriiceps South Shetland Islands (2) N/A
Trematomus eulepidotus South Shetland Islands (3) MG770024-MG770025
Lepidonotothen larseni South Shetland Islands (3) MG770008-MG770010
Lepidonotothen nudifrons South Shetland Islands (4) MG770011-MG770014
Lepidonotothen squamifrons Shag Rocks (5) MG770015-MG770019
Lepidonotothen kempi Shag Rocks (1) N/A
Bouvet Island (2) MG770020-MG770021 MG770022-
South Orkney Islands (2) MG770023
Patagonotothen sima Beagle Channel (6) MG769992-MG769995 < 1
Patagonotothen jordani Atlantic Patagonian Shelf (4) MG770004-MG770007 36
Patagonotothen elegans Atlantic Patagonian Shelf (3) MG770000-MG770003 57
Patagonotothen cornucola Beagle Channel (2) MG769996-MG769997 < 1
Atlantic coast of TDF** (2) MG769998-MG769999 < 1
Patagonotothen cf. cornucola Eastern limit of Beagle Channel (3) MG770026-MG770028 30
Patagonotothen canina Atlantic Patagonian Shelf (3) MG769956-MG769959 77
Patagonotothen tessellata Beagle Channel (7) MG769948-MG769955 < 1
Patagonotothen trigramma Beagle Channel (1) N/A 6
Patagonotothen guntheri Atlantic Patagonian Shelf (5) MG769960-MG769962 100–128
Shag Rocks (3) MG769963-MG769964 309
Patagonotothen brevicauda Atlantic Patagonian Shelf (5) MG769965-MG769969 52–84
Patagonotothen ramsayi Atlantic Patagonian Shelf (12) MG769970-MG769983 60–100
  East of Burwood Bank (3) MG769976-MG769978 309
Patagonotothen wiltoni Beagle Channel (8) MG769984-MG769991 6–10
  1. *Non Available; **Tierra del Fuego
  2. GenBank accession numbers for mitochondrial COI sequences are indicated