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Table 2 NCBI GenBank accession information for ribosomal SSU sequences of all isolates included in the phylogenetic analysis. New species are indicated in bold. Outgroup taxa are indicated with asterisks. All isolates noted in this table are freely and publicly available from DictyBase (Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA) through

From: Five new species of dictyostelid social amoebae (Amoebozoa) from Thailand

Taxon Isolate no. Accession no.
Cavenderia amphispora * BM9A HQ141521
C. antarctica NZ43B AM168080
C. aureostabilis TH10B MH745571
C. aureostipes JKS150 AM168082
C. aureostipes var. helvetia GE1 AM168095
C. bhumiboliana TH11CX HQ141523
C. bifurcata UK5 AM168084
C. delicata TNS226 AM168093
C. exigua * KP94 AM168085
C. fasciculata SH3 AM168087
C. granulophora CH11–4 AM168072
C. medusoides OH592 AM168088
C. mexicana Mex-TF4B1 AM168089
C. myxobasis NT2A HQ141522
C. parvispora * OS126 AM168091
C. protodigitata TH18BA MH745572
C. pseudoaureostipes TH39A HQ141518
C. stellata SAB7B AM168081
C. subdiscoidea TH1A HQ141515