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Table 5 The completely separated positions between L. chinense and L. tulipifera populations

From: Interspecies evolutionary divergence in Liriodendron, evidence from the nucleotide variations of LcDHN-like gene

region position Variation L. chinense L. tulipifera Codon Amino acid Effect
Exon-2 733 C → T C T GAC → GAT Asp→Asp SC
859 T → C T C GGC → GGT Gly → Gly SC
875 C → A C A CCA/CAA → ACA Pro/Gln → Thr NSC
Intron 647 A → G A G    
703 -/C → T/G -/C T/G    
5′UTR 1078 T → C T C    
  1. NSC nonsynonymous change, SC synonymous change