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Table 1 The values of the measure ms, which describe the relations between the SGC and the theoretical optimized codes obtained in the single-objective optimization algorithm under the BS and US models of the genetic code

From: The optimality of the standard genetic code assessed by an eight-objective evolutionary algorithm

Model Objective mS [%]
BS BIOV 16.16
BLAM 57.47
CEDJ 26.75
LIFS 30.30
MAXF 43.28
MYIS 14.32
NAKH 32.34
TSAJ 31.63
US BIOV 12.18
BLAM 11.72
CEDJ 13.37
LIFS 15.48
MAXF 18.02
MYIS 13.29
NAKH 15.82
TSAJ 11.97
  1. The same eight objectives were also used in the multi-objective optimization (Table 2). Values lower than 50% indicate that the SGC is closer to the theoretical code minimizing the costs in amino acid replacements rather than to the codes maximizing them. The objectives represent the following amino acid properties: BLAM - electric properties, BIOV - hydrophobicity, MAXF - alpha and turn propensities, TSAJ - physicochemical properties, NAKH - residue propensity, CEDJ - composition, LIFS - beta propensity and MIYS - intrinsic propensities