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Table 4 Model selection for the fixed effects of the GLMM investigating incidence of mature male parr (MMP) in (A) the lower size mode and (B) the upper size mode

From: Implications for introgression: has selection for fast growth altered the size threshold for precocious male maturation in domesticated Atlantic salmon?

  Fixed Random
Model Response Strain Weight Weight^2 S x W Dam Sire Tank AIC ΔAIC
1 Sex x x x x x x x 456.58 8.15
2 x x x x x x 448.43 0
3 x x   x x x 470.21 21.78
4 x   x x x x 482.05 33.62
5   x x x x x 463.33 14.9
6 x    x x x 556.52 108.09
1 Sex x x x x x x x 229.71 10.39
2 x x x x x x 227.14 7.82
3 x x   x x x 225.15 5.83
4 x   x x x x 225.53 6.21
5   x x x x x 221.28 1.96
6 x       321.27 101.95
7   x      219.32 0
  1. AIC; Akaike information criterion. ΔAIC; difference in AIC value between the model and the final model. S x W; strain x average female family weight interaction. The final fixed effect structure is shown in bold