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Table 2 Output of the final model for the LME investigating growth of MMP among strains

From: Implications for introgression: has selection for fast growth altered the size threshold for precocious male maturation in domesticated Atlantic salmon?

N Response Random effects   Fixed effects  
Variable Variable Chi.sq Chi.df P value Variable Sum Sq Mean Sq Num Df Den Df F value P value
654 Log Weight Tank 5.77 1 0.0163 Strain 15.27 2.18 7 18.98 4.06 0.007
Sire 7.25 1 0.0071
Dam 12.68 1 0.0004
  1. N; number of fish. Log weight; log10 (wet weight) at termination. Chi.sq.; the value of the Chi square statistics. Chi Df; the degrees of freedom for the test. P value; P-value of the likelihood ratio test for the random effect. Sum.Sq; sum of squares. Num Df, numerator degrees of freedom. Den Df; denominator degrees of freedom based on Sattherwaithe’s approximations. F; F-value