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Table 4 ANOVA of the GLM analysis for the number of sites showing evidence of positive selection and the proportion of sites under positive selection (controlling for the number of amino acids within a domain) (See Methods for abbreviations)

From: Positive selection at sites of chemosensory genes is associated with the recent divergence and local ecological adaptation in cactophilic Drosophila

Effect Df Deviance Resid. Df Resid. Dev. P
Number of sites under selection
 Gene 3 8.8x10-5 8 0.0005 0.4366
 Domain 2 2.7x10-4 6 0.0002 0.0152
Proportion of sites under selection
 Gene 3 0.0102 8 0.0232 0.1913
 Domain 2 0.0103 6 0.0129 0.0925
  1. Significant values are in bold