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Table 2 Fungal material used in this study

From: The linear mitochondrial genome of the quarantine chytrid Synchytrium endobioticum; insights into the evolution and recent history of an obligate biotrophic plant pathogen

S. endobioticum isolates
Pathotype, based on isolate origin mtDNA accession
EPPO PM7/28(1) Additional cultivarsa    
1(D1) n.a. MB42 Langenboom, the Netherlands ERZ668671
1(D1) n.a. 1/2007/D1 (01WS) Germany ERZ668651
1(D1) n.a. NED01 Brabant, the Netherlands ERZ668673
2(G1) n.a. 4/2005/G1 (02WS) Germany ERZ668652
2(G1) n.a. MB08 Mussel, the Netherlands ERZ668669
2(G1) n.a. BBA 2(G1) 09–04 (SE4) Germany ERZ668676
6(O1) 3(M1) PL28/2007/2 (04WS) Poland ERZ668654
6(O1) P40 DK17/2015 (09WS) Denmark ERZ668658
6(O1) P41 PL2/2015 (10WS) Poland ERZ668659
6(O1) n.a. E/II/2015 Laboratory isolate obtained after two multiplications of isolate 1/2007/D1 (01WS) on cultivar Erika ERZ668662
6(O1) n.a. LEV6574 St. Eleanor’s, Prince Edward Island, Canada ERZ668665
6(O1) n.a. LEV6602 Augustine Cove, Prince Edward Island, Canada ERZ668666
6(O1) n.a. LEV6687 New Annan, Prince Edward Island, Canada ERZ668667
6(O1) n.a. LEV6748 New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island, Canada ERZ668668
6(O1) n.a. HLB 6(O1) 02–06 (SE5) the Netherlands ERZ668677
6(O1) n.a. BBA 6(01) 05_8.3 (SE6) Germany ERZ668678
8(F1) n.a. DEN01 Jylland, Denmark ERZ668661
8(F1) n.a. 3/2005/F1 (06WS) The Netherlands ERZ668655
8(F1) 2(Ch1) 2/2005/Ch1 (03WS) Poland ERZ668653
18(T1) n.a. GR2/2015 (07WS) Greece ERZ668656
18(T1) n.a. MB17 Borgercompagnie, the Netherlands ERZ668670
18(T1) n.a. HLB P18(T1) -02-06 (SE7) Borgercompagnie, the Netherlands ERZ668679
38(Nevsehir) n.a. MB56 Nevsehir, Turkey ERZ668672
39(P1) n.a. PL69/2009 (08WS) Piekielnik, Poland ERZ668657
unknown n.a. BEL01 Belarus ERZ668660
unknown n.a. FERA01 United Kingdom ERZ668663
unknown n.a. FERA02 United Kingdom ERZ668664
unknown n.a. PER03 Aco Paucartambo, Pasco, Peru ERZ668674
unknown n.a. RUS01 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation ERZ668675
unknown n.a. UKR01 Ukraine ERZ668680
Other chytrid strains
species strain Origin ITS accession mtDNA accession(s)
Chytridium confervae CBS 675.73 Canada MH660417 ERZ681044
Powellomyces hirtus CBS 809.83 the Netherlands MH660418 ERZ681050
Spizellomyces palustris CBS 455.65 Germany MH660420 ERZ681046
Synchytrium microbalum JEL517 Hancock Co., Maine, USA MH660419 ERZ681045
Synchytrium taraxaci Stara13 Bennekom, the Netherlands MH660421 ERZ681051
  1. a. In this paper, pathotype identities are used based on the potato cultivar differential set as presented in EPPO standard PM7/28 (1). In some cases, additional cultivars were used resulting in a further differentiation of pathotype identity (n.a. when not applicable)