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Table 1 Collection localities, host species, total number of individuals per host species for each gene fragment and Genbank Accession numbers are given in brackets

From: Comparative phylogeography of parasitic Laelaps mites contribute new insights into the specialist-generalist variation hypothesis (SGVH)

Locality Hosts COI TropoM
L. muricola
 Rooipoort 28°38′27.9”S 24°16′45.9″E M. namaquensis 9 (KU166723..31) 17 (MF412010..18)
 Albert Falls 29°25′36.3”S 30°25′38.8″E M. natalensis 9 (KU166736..44) 13 (MF412000..09)
 Vryheid 27°48′00.1”S 30°45′43.2″E M. natalensis 4 (KU166732..35) *
 Oribi Gorge 30°41′29.2”S 30°17′33.2″E M. natalensis 5 (KU166683..87) 1 (MF412019)
 Vernon Crookes 30°16′27.0”S 30°35′37.9″E M. natalensis 4 (KU166679..82) 4 (MF412020..24)
 Hogsback 32°35′56.4”S 26°56′05.7″E M. natalensis 19 (KU166760..78) *
 Alice 32°48′55.2”S 26°50′21.5″E Mastomys sp. (7) (8) (KU166745..59) 1 (MF419355)
 East London 33°00′33.0”S 27°51′04.7″E M. namaquensis 5 (KU166673..78) *
 Mooinooi 25°44′48.9”S 27°32′58.6″E M. coucha 12 (KU166709..20) 8 (MF419368..75)
 Zeerust 25°31′57.4”S 26°03′03.4″E M. coucha 2 (KU166707..08) *
 Rietvlei 25°52′20.7”S 28°16′38.6″E M. coucha 8 (KU166694..701) *
 Kaalplaas 25°35′28.0”S 28°09′26.4″E M. coucha 11 (KU166702..06; KU166688..93) 6 (MF419401..06)
 Etosha Pan 19°01′36.2”S 16°23′54.3″E M. namaquensis 3 (KU166779..81) *
L. giganteus
 Oribi Gorge 30°41′29.2”S 30°17′33.2″E R. dilectus 11 (KU166634..44) 1 (MF419641..42)
 Chelmsford 27°57′19.0”S 29°55′51.6″E R. dilectus 19 (KU166534..54) 16 (MF419523..54)
 Vernon Crookes 30°16′26.6”S 30°35′33.6″E R. dilectus 14 (KU166659..72) 7 (MF419443..56)
 Hogsback 32°35′56.4”S 26°56′05.7″E R. dilectus 11 (KU166490..500) 11 (MF419463..66)
 Alice 32°48′55.2”S 26°50′21.5″E R. dilectus 22 (KU166468..89) *
 East London 33°00′33.0”S 27°51′04.7″E R. dilectus 14 (KU166645..58) *
 Fort Beaufort 32°43′19.8”S 26°37′31.5″E R. dilectus 15 (KU166453..67) *
 Bethuli 30°29′02.3”S 25°56′03.5″E R. dilectus 3 (KU166601..03) *
 Kaalplaas 25°35′28.0”S 28°09′26.4″E R. dilectus 19 (KU166615..33) 5 (MF419577..86)
 Rietvlei 25°52′20.7”S 28°16′38.6″E R. dilectus 10 (KU166420..30) 10 (MF419625..32)
 Windhoek 22°36′09.9”S 17°01′28.1″E R. bechuanae 15 (KU166572..86) 11(MF419555..76)
 Mariental 24°35′27.0”S 17°58′08.7″E R. bechuanae 4 (KU166416..19 1 (MF419607..08)
 Keetmanshoop 26°33′01.6”S 18°09′29.4″E R. bechuanae 1 (KU166415) *
 Dronfield 28°44′36.7”S 24°48′52.1″E R. bechuanae 23 (KU166501..23) 10 (MF419467..86)
 Rooipoort 28°38′16.6”S 24°16′47.2″E R. bechuanae 12 (KU166524..35) *
  1. * no sequences were available for these populations