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Table 1 Results of the IQ-TREE maximum likelihood phylogenetic analyses

From: Anchored phylogenomics illuminates the skipper butterfly tree of life

Analysis Dataset Data Type Partitioning scheme N. Partitions Consensus LnL
A1 DT369 Nucleotides None 1 −5115300.064
A2 DT369 Nucleotides Locus 366 −5080057.834
A3 a DT369 Nucleotides PF 88 −5077543.916
A5 DT369 Amino Acids None 1 −630708.956
A6 DT369 Amino Acids Locus 366 −624687.178
A7 DT369 Amino Acids PF 27 −627253.336
A1 DT393 Nucleotides None 1 −5241440.350
A2 DT393 Nucleotides Locus 393 −5204821.224
A3 a DT393 Nucleotides PF 94 −5203048.331
A5 DT393 Amino Acids None 1 −662724.440
A6 DT393 Amino Acids Locus 393 −656165.141
A7 DT393 Amino Acids PF 28 −658908.662
  1. N. Partitions number of partitions, Consensus LnL log-likelihood of the consensus of all bootstrap trees, PF PartitionFinder
  2. athe two most likely scenarios for the two datasets