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Fig. 2

From: Anchored phylogenomics illuminates the skipper butterfly tree of life

Fig. 2

Phylogenomic skipper tree of life inferred using maximum likelihood

. Maximum likelihood phylogeny inferred in IQ-TREE based on the nucleotide DT393 dataset with partitioning scheme selected in PartitionFinder and models of nucleotide substitution selected in IQ-TREE (Analysis A3). Nodal support values for numbered nodes on this tree (as well as alternative analyses) are presented in Fig. 3. Subfamilies and tribes recognized by Warren et al. [23] are indicated, and the color of species names indicates their subfamily. Images of skippers on the right illustrate morphological diversity within the family: a Choaspes benjaminii (credit: Sharleen Chao); b Euschemon rafflesia (credit: Todd Burrows); c Astraptes talus (credit: Les Catchick); d Pyrgus carthami (credit: Alan Cooper); e Heteropterus morpheus (credit: Hudák Tamás); f Trapezites symmomus (credit: John Tann); g Aeromachus inachus (credit: Tetsuya Shimizu); h Megathymus yuccae (credit: Jim & Lynne Weber); i Hesperia comma (credit: Pedro Candela)

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