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Table 3 Tests for introgression in Regards to the ‘Introgression Hypothesis’

From: Unraveling historical introgression and resolving phylogenetic discord within Catostomus (Osteichthys: Catostomidae)

Introgression Events (Smith et al. 2013) D-statistic Results
C. insignis - X. texanus Confirmed
C. columbianus hybrid origin No introgression detecteda
C. platyrhynchus - C. discobolus/virescens Confirmed
C. clarkii - C. discobolus Confirmed
C. plebius - C. d. yarrowi Confirmed in one populationb
  1. D-statistic results in respect to introgression events needed to explain discords with mitochondrial phylogeny detailed by [35] based on their morphology and fossil record work
  2. aTests for C. columbianus are a result based off of two samples from nearby sample sites and does not reflect their whole range
  3. bIntrogression of C. plebeius only detected in the Rio Nutria population of C. d. yarrowi and not in the other two populations, same result of [69, 90]