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Table 2 Sox gene overview

From: Embryonic expression patterns and phylogenetic analysis of panarthropod sox genes: insight into nervous system development, segmentation and gonadogenesis

  1. Black species names: Insecta; Blue species names: Myriapoda; Green species name: Chelicerata; Purple species name: Onychophora. Question marks indicate the unclear situation due to the lack of genome data. Data on Trigoniulus and Strigamia based on Kenny et al. [36] and Chipman et al. [101] ; Data on Apis based on Wilson and Dearden [13] ; Data on Drosophila based on Cremazy et al. [10] and McKimmie et al. [5]). Data on Parasteatoda are based on the sequenced genome (Schwager et al. [37] and our phylogenetic analysis). Note (*) that a whole genome duplication occurred in the lineage leading to Arachnopulmonata. Data on Glomeris and Euperipatoides: this study. Note that the data on Glomeris and Euperipatoides are based on sequenced embryonic transcriptomes, not genome data. Note that genome sequencing/annotation in Trigoniulus is likely not complete given the unlikely absence of some key developmental genes (Kenny et al. [36]). Abbreviations: (1B), one Class B gene without detectable expression; und., undefined