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Table 1 Summary of commonly used synonyms for arthropod Sox genes, and gene names as used in this paper (after McKimmie et al. [5])

From: Embryonic expression patterns and phylogenetic analysis of panarthropod sox genes: insight into nervous system development, segmentation and gonadogenesis

Species Drosophila b Apis Tribolium Glomeris Euperipatoides Drosophila synonyms
  SoxNeuro (SoxN) SoxB1 SoxNeuro SoxNeuro SoxNeuro SoxB1, CG18024, Sox29F
  Dichaetea (D)   Dichaete c Dichaete Dichaete-like SoxB2–1, Fish-Hook, CG5893
  Sox21b a Sox21b Sox21b Sox21b   SoxB2–2, CG6419
  Sox21a SoxB2 Sox21a Sox21a-like   SoxB2–3, CG7345
  SoxC SoxC SoxC SoxC SoxC Sox14, CG3090, Sox60B
  SoxD SoxD SoxD SoxD SoxD Sox102F, CG11153
  SoxE SoxE1, SoxE2 SoxE SoxE1, SoxE2 SoxE Sox100B, CG12098
  SoxF SoxF SoxF SoxF SxoF Sox15, Sox50E, CG8404
Orphans    SoxB5 d   SoxB3 d  
  1. aNote that Dichaete and Sox21b genes have very similar expression patterns and that these genes do not resolve in phylogenetic analysis; they are therefore indistinguishable
  2. bfollowing McKimmie et al. [11]
  3. cas named by Oberhofer et al. [14]
  4. das these genes cluster with Sox B class genes, but do not resolve; no expression pattern was obtained that could have used to orthologize these genes